kb-network    News 08 Feb 2017

InSinkErator’s new Digi-Van adverting campaign gains 1 million plus viewers across five weekends

Kitchen waste disposer and hot tap manufacturer InSinkErator amplified its marketing efforts with an alternative Digi-Van advertising campaign, incorporating key messages into eight second video clips, which were broadcast throughout the streets of London in November and December 2016.
Two videos were created for the activity; one featuring a monkey throwing a banana skin into a food waste disposer, and the second demonstrated a cup of tea being made in eight seconds. The two videos were displayed on the side of a Digi-Van, which travelled around London West End, across five weekends, capturing an audience of over a million who stopped to watch the video clips.

The Digi-Van captured audience data via WiFi enabled devices only, meaning many more consumers, without WiFi enabled devices, also watched the InSinkErator monkey.

The thought process behind the alternative advertising campaign was to highlight the key benefit of each product category to the consumer, while increasing brand awareness of InSinkErator in a highly competitive market place.

Showcasing the company’s food waste disposer units and steaming hot water taps, in just eight second clips, broadens the scope of the InSinkErator marketing campaign, ensuring increased consumer exposure and driving footfall for trade partners.

‘Eliminate food waste in seconds’ was the key message featured within the food waste disposer video, designed to educate consumers of the sustainable benefits a food waste disposer can offer a home. And ‘This advert lasts for eight seconds – the time it takes to make a cuppa’ is displayed to the public within the steaming hot water tap video; InSinkErator aims to highlight the time consumers spend waiting for the kettle to boil, and in comparison how long it takes to make a cuppa with a steaming hot water tap.

Denise Iordache, marketing manager Europe and Russia for InSinkErator said: “At InSinkErator, we like to think outside the box and also have a bit of fun; the video clips were created to attract consumer attention in a light-hearted and memorable way. The Digi-Van activity offered great exposure of our key messages going into 2017, which we hope will draw attention to both the brand and drive footfall for our retailers.”

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