kb-network    News 22 Jan 2018

Innit partners with Home Connect ovens to revolutionise the home cooking experience  

Thanks to a newly forged partnership, Innit cooking apps can now send automated cooking programs to a variety of Home Connect smart ovens and ranges, making meal preparation more enjoyable and convenient for home cooks. Home Connect allows home appliances from different brands to be controlled with a single app.

Innit’s automated cooking programs include cooking temperature, mode and timing instructions, all of which are customized to suit each dish being prepared. The Innit app will interface with Home Connect enabled Thermador ovens – launching later this year – for delicious results every time. Innit recommends personalized meals based on diet, allergies, and preferences. Then, it allows users to customize elements of the meal, empowering them to experiment with flavours and ingredients.

“We spend so much of our lives in the kitchen, but technology has never supported us in that space,” said Josh Sigel, COO of Innit. “We’re excited to work with Home Connect to add smart appliance functionality to our platform. Our personalized meal recommendations and real-time cooking guidance are already using technology to help families access everyday eating, but smart oven functionality makes cooking easier and helps them love the way they eat.”

Once consumers design the perfect meal, Innit’s ‘culinary GPS’ system sequences multiple steps from several dishes simultaneously – ensuring all components of the meal are finished at the same time. Innit’s adaptive cooking program sends customized cooking instructions for the selected dish directly to a Home Connect enabled Thermador oven – delivering a more seamless cooking experience.

“The dynamic Home Connect ecosystem unlocks a multitude of consumer experiences in the kitchen. By partnering with Innit, we are excited to help home cooks reveal the full potential of their cooking abilities as well as enjoy the full array of features available in their connected ovens and ranges,” said Christofer von Nagel, BSH Home Appliances CEO and President. “Innit’s adaptive cooking programs helps empower home cooks to create delicious meals customized to their specific tastes, while simplifying the cooking process. Together, our technologies will make cooking at home more enjoyable than ever.”

The Innit app is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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