kb-network    News 17 Aug 2017

The Independence Day bootcamp launched by Appliances Direct is giving teenagers some tough love

Appliances Direct has launched an Independence Day boot camp to provide some essential education for the less worldly late teen.

The one-day intensive course features modules on cooking using the company’s kitchen appliances, completing chores using household cleaning and laundry appliances, and even basic DIY and gardening.

Partakers will graduate from the course with all the basic skills needed for independent living – having been taught by experts in homemaking, cooking, and cleaning – including knowing how to cook fresh meals and ensuring they are never without fresh, clean clothes, through a new-found respect for washing machines.

Mark Kelly, Marking Manager for Appliances Direct: “It’s quite common for young adults to leave the family home, either to head off to university or move into a place of their own for the first time without being fully equipped with the skills to live independently.

“While independent living is often a case of trial and error, with making mistakes part and parcel of growing up, it’s understandable that parents will have concerns about their offspring eating healthily and keeping their home and clothes clean, especially if their child is moving a long distance from home.

“The boot camp is not solely aimed at those 17 and 18-year-olds heading to university this September, but also at those reluctant young adults who are still living with parents despite having the means to move out. Parents who are looking to get their home back to themselves can book their offspring on to the course to encourage independent living.”

The boot camp is open to all people over the age of 16 and will take place at Appliances Direct’s showroom in Huddersfield this September.

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