kb-network    News 29 Jun 2017

Hushed tones – Falmec’s Noise Reduction System extractors receive Quiet Mark seal of approval

Falmec’s latest collection of NRS© kitchen extractor hoods have been awarded with the notable Quiet Mark™accreditation.

The collection is comprised of six models, which succeed in both form and function and boast incredible extraction and sound reduction technology. Thanks to the innovative technology that has been developed in collaboration with specialist laboratories working within the study of fluid dynamics, Flamec’s Lumina, Stilo, Horizon, Zenith, NRS Plane and NRS Gruppo Incasso models have been recognised as some of the quietest extractor systems on the current market. The award winning noise output levels range from an almost silent 37db to a whispered 53dB maximum.

The renowned Quiet Mark approval award programme is associated with the Noise Abatement Society charity. The programme encourages brands to offer products with quiet acoustics and noise reduction solutions, in order to reduce noise pollution in the home and positively impact our aural environment.

For some products it seems quiet operation is a luxury and functionality comes first, but with an increasing trend for entertaining at home products that have been awarded the Quiet Mark are becoming an essential, and rapidly growing sector of the KB industry, particularly for a high-end market place. Falmec’s UK Managing Director Nigel Jacobs, explains why subtle-sounded appliances are necessary for the modern day home: “As the kitchen is increasingly becoming recognised as the central hub of the home, we wanted to create an extractor that was both powerful and yet did not emit the level of noise disturbance typical of many similar extraction systems. Our NRS© extractors ensure that the kitchen can remain a place to eat, work and socialise without being interrupted by a noisy extractor system”.

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