kb-network    News 31 Oct 2017

Hoover unveils its brand new multi-million-pound consumer advert campaign

Domestic appliance manufacturer, Hoover, has announced the launch of its multi-million-pound national consumer advert campaign. Showcasing the company’s future focus ‘Hoover, that’s who’, the new adverts feature chirpy animated character and highlight the credentials of the company’s three latest product innovations: the Hoover One-Fi Extra intelligent washing machine, the Hoover Vision oven and the Discovery cordless vacuum cleaner.

The creative new campaign aims to explain how its new ‘smart’ products use advanced technology to assist in day-to-day domestic activities and will help improve users’ lives. This is the first major advertising campaign from the brand since the launch of Hoover Wizard in 2015, the company’s first family of connected kitchen appliances.

Antony Peart, Director of Brand and Communications at Hoover Candy Group, commented: “Innovation is at the heart of Hoover, since the launch of connected range in 2015, we’ve become well-known in our industry for being market leaders when it comes to innovation technology.

“The advertising campaign will help us show just how important appliances are to daily life and the considerable benefits that connected products offer. Whether it’s saving time, multitasking or even being able to talk to your washing machine or oven with voice-assist functionality, this useful technology can make a big difference to people’s lives.”

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