kb-network    News 07 Apr 2016

Hoover announces new promotion with leading dishwasher cleaner manufacturer Finish

Hoover has announced a new promotion with leading dishwasher cleaner manufacturer, Finish. The promotion, which is available on seven models in total, will offer consumers 90 Finish Quantum tablets with selected Hoover purchases until the end of April 2016.
Steve Macdonald, marketing director of Hoover’s freestanding division, said: “Finish is a recognised world-leader when it comes to quality in dishwashing. Finish Quantum tablets combine the power of three separate ingredients in one single product to give amazing shine and clean, making it the perfect partner for our dishwashers.

“This offer highlights the broad range of dishwashers in our portfolio and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our retailers – we are certain it will give them a real talking-point in the showroom.”

The promotion is available on a number of Hoover’s 16 place setting dishwashers, including DYM762T WIFI, DYM762TX WIFI and DYM886TPW freestanding models, as well as the HLSI762GT WIFI, HLSI460PW, HLSI433GT and HLSI363 built-in models.

Consumers can purchase their dishwashers from any participating retailer to receive their complimentary Finish gift, which will deliver 16 weeks of cleaning (based on five washes per week).