kb-network    News 22 Jun 2016

Hoover announces all new washing machines will feature One Touch technology

Mobile phones are fast becoming one of the main tools consumers use to manage all aspects of their lives, whether it’s banking, making a payment in-store or travelling on the underground and all of these applications use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Now Hoover has brought NFC technology to its new range of One Touch washing machines all of which can be controlled via an app on a smart phone.

NFC enables a contactless communication between the app and the One Touch washing machine via wireless data transfer. With no internet connection or complicated installation required, set-up is quick and easy. Once the user has downloaded the app, they just tap their mobile phone onto the machine to connect.

If they don’t own a smartphone or just prefer to use the machine in a conventional way they can; so whether they’re tech savvy or more traditionalist, the new range offers something for everyone. The One Touch app is available on compatible devices running Android 4.4 that are inbuilt NFC enabled.

Steve Macdonald, marketing director of Hoover’s freestanding division said: “Moving forwards, all of our new washing machines will feature One Touch technology which will make doing the laundry simpler than ever before. As well as being able to operate the appliance via a phone within close proximity to the machine, users will also be able to monitor energy consumption, keep an eye on programme running times, save most frequently used cycles and have instant access to the instruction manual.

“As technology advances, the way consumers are managing their homes is changing and as a manufacturer we are investing to make sure that our appliances meet these demands. We expect that demand for smart kitchen appliances will only continue to grow over the next few years, so it is up to manufacturers and retailers to ensure they have the right products and expertise available.”

One Touch washing machines also give consumers peace of mind, with a health check feature that monitors the appliances performance over time and advises if any components require cleaning or attention. All appliances in the range have a free 10-year parts and two-year labour warranty.