kb-network    News 15 Sep 2017

Home appliance brand Belling launches cookery club scheme for primary schools

Home appliance brand Belling has launched a cookery club scheme for primary schools.

The ‘Belling Cookery Club’ is an initiative to support primary schools, enabling them to provide practical cookery classes for children. Though cooking and nutrition now form part of the primary curriculum across the UK, only an estimated 25% of primary schools have teaching kitchen facilities, meaning the majority of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils don’t receive practical cookery experiences. Belling is hoping to change this by giving primary schools the chance to win cooking equipment and transform their existing facilities. Each year, Belling will award two primary schools with up to £2,000 worth of cooking appliances, along with fun child-friendly cooking accessories. The competition is open to all primary schools, with pupils asked to produce a picture of their favourite nutritionally balanced meal, along with a description of why they like it so much and why it’s good for them.

Jane Rylands, Head of Marketing Communications at Belling, said: “We believe it’s vitally important for schools to be able to host regular cookery lessons to teach children the cookery skills to equip them for later life.  The theory of nutrition is very important, but it’s also crucial for children to have the opportunity to physically interact with ingredients and produce their own food.  We hope that the Belling Cookery Club will become a valuable resource for schools and enable them to host regular cookery lessons.”

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