Designer    News 27 Oct 2017

History in action – Hi-Macs develops kitchen collection inspired by Palaeolithic stone tools

Hi-Macs by LG Hausys has quite literally gone back to basics in the kitchen. Swedish designer Erik Bele Höglund has developed the Primitive Kitchen Tool, a modern take on the very first stone tools used by cavemen in the Palaeolithic era.

Made of two parts, the Primitive Kitchen Tool is simply a platter and a ‘stone’. The various hollow shapes in the platter allow for food to be cut, crushed and prepped while still keeping the ingredients separate. The stone, however, has a duo of functions: the sharp end can cut and finely slice food – with different size blades available to suit the user and the recipe) – while the blunt end of the object works in similar fashion to a pestle and mortar, crushing and grinding herbs and spices. Both pieces are crafted from solid Hi-Macs, which, alongside being resistant to scratches and damage, boasts a pore-free surface that prevents the accumulation of waste and bacteria, making for suitably hygienic kitchen equipment. Equally, the tools are crafted from singular pieces of the Hi-Macs material, ensuring they are seam-free and appear as if carved by nature. The company believe this new-age yet ancient style of cooking will help users ‘rediscover foods, their consistency and their essence’ by directly handling the ingredients, rather than relying on contemporary technology


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