kb-network    News 22 Aug 2017

A high-tech twist for a classic kitchen brand – PWS Alchemy graphics now available in Articad-Pro

Articad, the renowned CAD software, and technology developer, working specifically for the KBB sector, has announced the addition of new graphics in its Articad-Pro design program.  PWS’ classical Alchemy range is depicted in a series of detailed graphics within the program – allowing the new-age designers to delve into PWS’ classic styles during their next kitchen renovation project.

The Alchemy range represents PWS’ new product initiative, which followed extensive market research, and neatly complements its sister brand: the contemporary Biography collection. Articad-Pro’s graphic collection of Alchemy is comprised of eight door families, in a variety of 33 different finishes and the additional paint-t-order service.

Lizzie Beesley, PWS’ Strategic Design Manager:  “The market is evolving, and whilst there continues to be a place for designs with traditional links, there’s a strong move towards a classic look which is much calmer, more orderly with a modern interpretation. Alchemy is a considered collection of product, providing flexibility and detailing that enables retailers to tailor designs to meet their consumers’ expectations.

“We have used a mix of newly-designed product and existing, well-established product ranges to create Alchemy’s five styles. Our formula is:   the right product and layout to create iconic kitchen designs.   It was very apparent, from our research, that there is a new modern-classic consumer. We spent time understanding and interpreting this new market in Alchemy.”

Articad Ltd | articad.com

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