kb-network    News 08 Jun 2017

Helen Parker, creative director at deVOL Kitchens, on her successful Clerkenwell Design Week…

After a busy and bustling Clerkenwell Design Week, kb-network spoke to Helen Parker, the creative director at deVOL Kitchens, on how the week went!


What was the response like from your visitors?


“We couldn’t have asked for a better response from the people who attended Clerkenwell Design Week, we were informed by a journalist who had attended the press breakfast on the first morning of the show that the deVOL Townhouse was definitely ‘the star attraction’ and a ‘must see’ for all attendees of CDW.”

She went on to say “We had a constant stream of people through the doors of the St Johns Square Townhouse from the moment the show opened at 9am until closing in the evening, which amounted to thousands of people over the three days of the event.


Why do you think the deVOL showroom was such a successful attraction?


“Our kitchen showroom has already created huge interest from designers, bloggers, journalists and the general public, so for them all to be able to enter the rest of this showroom and actually wander around a typical East London Townhouse at their leisure was quite a rare and appealing destination.

“Strangely it was not filled full of new products or design led products it was just an honest, carefully considered interior with collections of interesting items and views to enjoy, this change from the usual exhibits seemed to work perfectly and added a new dimension to the whole show.

“Alongside our Sebastian Cox stand in the Crypt it was such a contrast and allowed us to show the diversity and ever evolving world of deVOL which now increasingly includes Artisan products all handmade and designed at our Cotes Mill headquarters in Leicestershire.”


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