kb-network    News 15 Dec 2017

HeatandPlumb.com releases first televised advertisement on popular British TV channels

The first HeatandPlumb.com TV ad campaign, ‘From the Heart of Our Home to Yours’, debuted this November on several UKTV channels such as Home, Watch, Dave, Gold, Drama, Really and Good Food.

Speaking of the advertisement Chris Watts, Company Manager, said, “This is a significant step forward for HeatandPlumb.com. The previous eighteen months have been the most successful in the history of our company and the release of our first TV advert marks another milestone in our growth. HeatandPlumb.com takes pride and care in offering products that are appealing and suitable for as many people as possible but reaching potential customers remains one of the greatest challenges facing any business, especially in such a competitive marketplace. Our first venture into TV marketing has been a long time coming and we’ve taken great care to ensure that the circumstances are perfect for another leap forward. It’s especially meaningful to me as I’ve been with the company for ten years this month, so finally seeing the HeatandPlumb.com logo on a TV screen is a special moment.”

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