kb-network    News 21 Aug 2017

Haus 12 spices up the kitchen market with ‘curry guy’ Dan Toombs live cooking demonstrations

This September will see Haus 12 embrace full-on flavour, spine tingling spices and contemporary curries with cooking demonstrations by ‘The Curry Guy’ Dan Toombs.

Haus 12’s Newcastle Upon Tyne showroom will welcome the renowned chef on the 2nd September, as he prepares to demonstrate the capabilities of tandoor-i, the world’s first integrated tandoor oven for the home. Toombs plans to amaze visitors with an array of delicious recipes, using traditional spices and authentic flavours that are reminiscent of the traditional dishes found in Asian restaurants.

Alongside revealing the impressive functionality of the tandoor-i, the event will also offer visitors the chance to purchase a signed copy of Dan Toombs bestselling book, The Curry Guy.

This event marks the beginning Haus 12 and tandoor-i’s close working

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