kb-network    News 27 Apr 2017

Häcker Kitchens acquires two plots of land ahead of its modern factory expansion plans

German kitchen manufacturer, Häcker Kitchens has acquired two plots of land to house the company’s new state-of-the-art factories.

The first of the two plots encompasses around 165,000 square metres and is located to the south of Hansastrasse between the company’s current main site and the A30. The second plot, measuring around 215,000 square metres, is located within a new industrial park in Venne (Osnabrück district, Lower Saxony) on the B218.

Renown for its large scale production line, Häcker Kitchens currently employs over 1,450 people across its four factories and offices.

Commenting on the company’s factory expansion plans, owner and CEO for Häcker Kitchens, Jochen Finkemeier remarked “We are confident that in the medium-term, we will be able to construct new factories on both plots. The current plans include a kitchen furniture production facility and a new prefabrication factory.”

Dirk Krupka, general manager, added “We will construct the world’s most modern production facilities for fitted kitchens and will thereby continue to demonstrate our commitment to Germany as a production site.”

Häcker Kitchens | haecker-kuechen.de