kb-network    News 29 Mar 2016

GROHE takes tap technology to a new level with new hands-free FootControl tap

First it was touch and go for GROHE with its touch control Minta Touch and Zedra Touch taps which are turned on when simply touched by a wrist or elbow. Now, GROHE has taken technology to the next level with the new FootControl taps, which allow for greater flexibility within the kitchen. A simple tap on the base unit with the foot will activate the tap– so no hands are needed.

GROHE’s new FootControl kitchen tap technology has been developed to help with your everyday chores, perfect for those who always have their hands full in the kitchen. The tap allows the user to control the flow of water without any hand or arm contact. To activate the water flow, simply tap your foot on the base of the kitchen unit and the water will start, tap it again and the water will stop. EasyTouch technology built into the tap controls the temperature of the water so the water flow will start at the desired temperature.

It does sound slightly as if it is technology for the sake of technology and the line from one user saying they are “just about to kick start supper” will probably wear very thin very soon, but there is a serious side to this development. A hands – free operation provides a more hygienic kitchen tap, as it no longer will have to be touched with dirty fingers to turn it on and off. It also offers the benefit of preventing cross contamination between different types of food – improving hygiene within the home.

GROHE FootControl is available on the K7 and Essence kitchen taps and is also available as an upgrade on a variety of further GROHE product lines.