kb-network    News 16 Apr 2018

GROHE continues waging war against water damage with new intelligent water control adaptation

GROHE recently announced that its intelligent water control system ‘GROHE Sense Guard’ can now be combined with Nest’s Home/Away Assist to improve household safety and limit water damage.

Installed directly in the main water line, GROHE Sense Guard can automatically stop the water supply if, for example, a leak has been detected. Now, combined with Nest’s Home/Away Assist, GROHE’s intelligent water control system can also shut off the water pipes based on input from users’ mobile phones, via the GROHE ONDUS App. So, when Nest users are away – as indicated via Nest’s Home/Away Assist – the GROHE ONDUS app can automatically shut off the water supply immediately or within a pre-set time period.

“When it comes to digitization, customer value and quality will always have the highest priority for us; we do not seek innovation for its own sake,” said Robert Veltrup, GROHE Chief Digital Officer. “That’s why we decided from the beginning to set up GROHE Sense Guard on an open technology platform. And with collaborations like our ‘Works with Nest’ integration, we are able to offer consumers an increased level of water security.”

Water damage in households is a highly underestimated risk. The GROHE 2017 water security survey clearly shows that far more households in Europe are affected by water damage than the respondents themselves had suspected: approximately half of European households have already experienced water damage at least once. And, as a report by the insurance company ACE-Group shows, 93% of the cases could have been prevented.

Besides collaborations with insurance companies in Europe, this partnership is further evidence of GROHE’s successful activities in the field of smart water security – showcasing the brand’s proactive approach to reducing water damage.

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