kb-network    News 16 Jan 2017

German kitchen specialist Häcker Kitchens exceeds 500 million euro sales mark

In 2016, German kitchen furniture specialists Häcker Kitchens exceeded 500 million euro sales mark for the first time.

2016 was a record year for Häcker Kitchens. With a turnover of 512 million euros, the company has for the first time exceeded the sales mark of 500 million euros. This business performance is the result of a long-term growth strategy which the company intends to successfully continue in 2017.

With a 9.9% increase in sales to 512 million euros compared to last year (2015: 466 million euros), Häcker Kitchens has managed to exceed its forecasted sales. This record figure is due to an exceptionally good business performance both in Germany as well as on the international markets.

Whilst the domestic growth figure of 6.7% lies considerably above the industry average, Häcker Kitchens managed to achieve a double-digit growth figure with the international export side of the business: the company’s sales abroad went up by 16.3%. The international business is now worth more than 200 million euros – or 39.5% of the company’s total sales.

Equally satisfying for Häcker Kitchens is the performance of the company’s own appliance brand Blaupunkt. Häcker Kitchens says it managed to significantly increase the level of brand awareness and also the range of the BSH-sourced, Blaupunkt branded products. It is unclear what contribution appliance sales made to the Häcker record turnover in Germany, but more turnover growth looks likely as the built-in appliances have also been adapted to the international markets.

“As far as we are concerned, the excellent results confirm that we are meeting the needs of our customers with our products,” said sales and marketing manager Markus Sander (seen here). In 2016, Häcker Kitchens produced more than 1.9 million kitchen units, which represents a volume increase of 6%. The increased average value of the kitchens sold is above all due to the extremely good national and international specialist retailer response to the company’s products, says Häcker. “Our higher-priced product range ‘systemat’ has sold even better than the successful ‘classic’ product range,” said Markus Sanders.

To secure the growth strategy long-term, substantial investments will be made in 2017 says Häcker. Around 36 million euros have been earmarked for the management side of the business and for machinery. A new Häcker Kitchens building at the company’s headquarters in Rödinghausen will provide 7,500 square metres of floor space for new offices, training rooms and a showroom extension.


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