Designer    News 01 Jul 2014

Design Studio Nespoli & Novara combine Corian and walnut wood for Graff’s new bathroom console

With an appearance not dissimilar to a wooden horse, this new bathroom console – and accompanying bathtub – was an odds-on favourite when it was unveiled in Milan recently.

Made from Corian and walnut wood, Dressage is a highly distinctive piece of bathroom furniture created by design studio Nespoli & Novara for manufacturer Graff.

Compact and functional, the console has a freestanding and highly versatile aesthetic with geometric and harmonious lines, and all of the water delivery and drain elements are hidden away inside the structure. It features a square sink, a shelf with a towel hook, an adjustable mirror, and a wooden drawer for storage.

The round bath tub takes the same visual route, designed to be a centre-of-the-room statement piece. It includes a leather headrest and a shelf for storing products.

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