Designer    News 03 Dec 2015

From kitchen bin to designer getaway, Danish designer Vipp launch the new Vipp shelter

A getaway with a difference from the makers of stylish kitchen bins…

Now it seems you can live in a Vipp. No, not in the Danish company’s wastebin, but in its 55 sq m plug and play getaway – the Vipp shelter.

It arrives to your plot as an assembly kit. Vipp delivers and installs so you do not have to lift a finger – except the one pointing to where you want your shelter.

Since 1939, when Holger Nielsen constructed a practical pedal bin for his wife’s hairdressing salon, Vipp has specialised in the manufacturing of industrial objects and tools to improve everyday life. The Vipp shelter is born from the same principles of function as the Vipp bin, and is a tool to escape into nature.

Of course, the Danes have form for this kind of structure – the shelter looks to have taken at least some inspiration from the famous Kubeflex Summerhouse designed by architect and designer Arne Jacobsen.

This is no exercise in budget camping though – weighing in with a hefty €484,000 price tag. “We call it 5-star camping,” says Kasper Egelund, CEO at Vipp. “It’s an all-inclusive refuge equipped with everything from the kitchen to the lighting. Even the toilet brush is included.”

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