Utopia    News 07 Apr 2017

From grungy graphite to chic charcoal, this season’s ultra-cool colour is recreating the kitchen


Grey is experiencing an exciting revival. What was once known as a drab, un-inspiring option for the home is now hitting the big time, through some clever colour and texture combinations. Paired with pastels, grey can exude a relaxing and pure tone – it is both sweet and sophisticated. Combining the colour with loud bright hues crafts a definite contrast, making the bolder tones shine even brighter. While working grey with warm wood, such as oak, cedar or birch, in keeping with the latest trend for raw and natural woods, enlivens the grey; it acts as the cool contemporary companion to a rustic scheme.

Schock has recently added a whole range of greys to its portfolio. The company’s sinks are now available in their two newly released Silverstone and Asphalt grey shades; Asphalt is available in a Cristalite Plus finish, while Silverstone was developed for Cristadur finish. In the same fashion, Schock have also developed a matt stainless steel finish for their Altos W and Altos S taps and a gorgeous Gunmetal finish for its Dion and Neilos mixer taps.

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