kb-network    News 02 Jun 2017

Find out what “significant investment” Moores has made ahead of its 70th Anniversary!

Luxury kitchen specialist, Moores, has stated it is “proud to mark its 70th anniversary with a strong growth strategy.”

The company went on to say that it will consolidate and strengthen its commitment to being one of the leading furniture suppliers in the KBB industry.

CEO Steve Parkin announced “We have made a significant improvement as we approach our 70th year of business. We have put in place a strong management team, a clear focus, robust processes, new and contemporary products and a best in class customer service.

One of our advantages, as a British KBB supplier, is we have control of all aspects of the processes: design, manufacture, assembly, delivery and after care. All this ensures excellence through focused, collaborative management which is setting the bar at a new level.”

The company’s heritage in quality craftsmanship started in 1947 when it was founded as a joinery business by George Moore in West Yorkshire.


Today, Moores is still based in West Yorkshire, where it manufacturers all its furniture ranges in its own 600,000 square foot factory in Wetherby – including the recently launched Roux Kitchen!

Moores | moores.co.uk