Designer    News 14 Mar 2018

Fantastic Five – Marvel at the winning projects of the 2020 Fusion competition

One month after the opening of the 2020 Fusion competition, and a whole host of designers have submitted over 100 designs using the 2020 Fusion software. Today we bring you the winners from each of the four categories – Kitchen, Bathroom, Decorative Cloud, 360° Panorama – and, of course, the Expert’s Choice.












Kitchen Category winner – Arran Whitehouse, from Anthony Sanders Kitchens

2020’s Mark Monaghan said, “Arran created a nice, modern kitchen full of interesting wood accents. The lighting works very well with the design and the cabinet style used. The central island is a great feature for entertaining guests and really ties the room together.”


Bathroom Category winner – Ruthy Martin, from Escape Bathrooms and Kitchens