Designer    News 26 Jun 2017

Everything and the kitchen sink – Elite Stone has created a multifunctional kitchen-living centre piece

The new Coral Black living area designed by Elite Stone stands as the crowning gem of the company’s first ES Atelier collection. The Coral Black creation blends a living, bar and kitchen concept in one monolithic centre piece.

The island features an illuminated sliding-top in Coral Black marble that opens to reveal a practical granite worktop with an Absolute Black leather finish. An integrated Gessi sink and Miele induction hob of the latest generation are fitted in to the worktop and provide a practical preparation and cooking area. The island itself can be opened from all sides; it includes various removable containers and drawers and is complete with a clever knock-to-open Miele dishwasher.

Hugely capacious Blum drawers provide practical storage solutions and ensures the island will be kept clean and clutter free, while a central wine cabinet makes it the perfect place for entertaining. The exterior is entirely upholstered in leather and features handles in black nickel-plated steel, though every element can be completely customised to suit the homeowners style and requirements and integrated backlit panelling will illuminate every fine detail.

“A unique style with a clearly defined identity” commented Tetyana Kovalenko, CEO of Elite Stone, “that’s what we live for here. A statuary beauty outside of all the rules, a new balance between memory and technology. The Coral Black living area is the outcome of a continuous evolution of excellence. The choice of the materials and finishes is completely customizable, making it possible to create a space to measure not only in the dimensions, but also in perfect harmony with the tastes and personality of the customer who seeks the maximum at the level of both aesthetics and quality. Here we tell the story of a perfect room, a dream, impossible not to love”.

From living area to bar to kitchen – the Coral Black living concept truly breaks the boundaries of design.

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