Designer    News 13 Sep 2017

Everhot launches new festive Fern Green range cooker ahead of the holiday season

Everhot’s popular 110 range cooker model is now available in a limited edition Fern Green finish. Inspired by the Pantone Colour Of The Year, Everhot’s Fern Green hue has a fresh, lively tone that will certainly make a statement when juxtaposed with simple, contemporary cabinetry and a neutral colour palette.

Alongside a striking finish, Everhot’s hand-built Fern Green range cooker also places a focus on energy efficiency, claiming to use less than half the energy of comparable range cookers, while still providing great cooking results and an effective heating solution, that gently warms the kitchen. Additionally, the Everhot 110 cooker is easy to install and can be powered by solar or other forms of renewable energy – making this new model green in more ways than one.

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