kb-network    News 24 Nov 2017

Browns 2000 products join ArtiCAD-Pro, as Graeme Brown says, “it’s absolutely essential”

The entire range of products from Browns 2000 is now available as a comprehensive graphics catalogue within the ArtiCAD-Pro design software.

Northumberland-based Browns 2000 took the significant step in 2011 of producing laminated products in-house for its Glacier range, spanning both high gloss and super-matt finishes.

Graeme Brown of Browns 2000 was keen to have Browns products within a CAD package, explaining that: “About five years ago it was not so important for our company to be included in a CAD package, but now it is absolutely essential. We hear from our customers that the public is expecting highly realistic 3D drawings of their proposed rooms all the time.  The quality of the visuals produced by ArtiCAD-Pro is fantastic and will really do justice to our products”.

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