kb-network    News 10 Apr 2018

Elica presents a new perspective on the kitchen with inventive ‘Upside Down’ campaign

Elica, together with Y&R, has revealed its multichannel brand campaign that seeks to amaze consumers by turning the kitchen upside down. On air during the Salone del Mobile 2018 exhibition, the creative project entitled ‘Upside Down’ represents the company’s new strategic approach, using highly communicative content to strengthen its brand position in the panorama of international design. Emotional and engaging storytelling has been conceived by Y&R to surprise viewers and bring them closer to the Elica brand.

“We wanted to portray the innovative philosophy of Elica through a captivating and detailed ‘storytelling’, using images with a strong visual impact,” stated Piero Pracchi, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Elica. “The decision to develop footage with highly emotional music represents a new way of communicating the brand, which aims to engage people and draw them into the word of Elica innovation and design, thus creating a strong bond with them.”

The commercial, which will be on air halfway through April in both a 30 and 15 second versions, on all major terrestrial and satellite-based networks, opens with a series of objects that begin to float in the air until unexpectedly repositioning themselves, turning the kitchen ‘upside down’ through the aspiration of the NikolaTesla hood, the central feature of the promotion.

Elica’s message of innovation has been preceded by a print and digital campaign, which, through the surprising image of the upside down kitchen, has sought to start promoting the distinctive values of the brand through important editorial partnerships and investments in major news, informative and entertainment portals. Finally, the new Elica communication will also be promoted through the brand’s social channels, where it will enjoy space for special contents.

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