kb-network    News 26 May 2016

Dornbracht’s Hot & Cold Water Dispenser is added to the Elio, Meta.O2 and Tara Classic Series

Dornbracht’s Hot & Cold Water Dispenser was previously available for the Tara Ultra and Lot series of taps. It has now been added to the product programme to cover the Elio, Meta.02 and Tara Classic series.

The Dornbracht Water Dispenser is easy to operate: Move the lever backwards for filtered tap water; move the lever forwards for hot water. Boiling water is always quickly and readily available, whenever it’s needed especially for quickly preparing coffee or tea, hygienically rinsing out baby bottles, or removing stubborn food residue from cutlery.

The new Water Dispenser designed for the Elio, Meta.02 (seen here), and Tara Classic series is coordinated to match the design language of each main fitting. The Tara Classic Water Dispenser features a cylindrical lever and an exceedingly tall and slender spout that for a sleek look in the kitchen. The Elio variant resembles the round and harmonious shapes of the underlying series with a striking tip to the spout. The special feature of the Meta.02 Water Dispenser is the reduction in form and volume. Its slender lever and the cylindrical shapes of the body of the fitting complement and underline the special aesthetic quality of Meta.02.

The Hot & Cold Water Dispenser for the Elio, Meta.02 and Tara Classic series available in polished chrome and platinum matt finishes. The Tara Classic variant is additionally available in a rose-gold cyprum finish.