kb-network    News 26 Sep 2017

In-Doors Manufacturing products now available as graphics catalogue within ArtiCAD-Pro software

ArtiCAD has announced that a comprehensive range of products from In-Doors Manufacturing is now available as a graphics catalogue within the ArtiCAD-Pro software.

Kitchen doors from their In-Vision range, together with finishes, handles and accessories are all included in an easy to search and easy to access catalogue.  For the first time, designers using the ArtiCAD-Pro software can select which In-Doors products they wish to include within their design and provide their customers with realistic 3D and panoramic visuals of the proposed new room.

Speaking of the new catalogue, In-Doors Manufacturing Ltd said, “We believe that it is increasingly important for the company and for our trade clients that part of our portfolio should be included in a CAD package, making it easier for them to sell IDM’s products.  We have chosen ArtiCAD because of its standing in the KBB marketplace, as well as its strong local connection and support from ArtiCAD Ireland.”

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