Designer    News 01 Apr 2015

Designer Nichetto Studios and developer Urban Capital introduce innovative modular kitchen cubes

Rubix’s version was a puzzle, but could this cube be the solution to living with limited space?

Toronto-based developers Urban Capital have created a reputation in their domestic market for innovative technology-focused apartments and architecturally striking residential developments.

Their latest creation is a collaboration with Venice and Stockholm-based design firm Nichetto Studios and takes the form of a fully integrated module concept which the firm believes could be the future of progressive housing.

Called Cubitat, the design is a prefabricated cube containing the core elements of the home that is virtually jigsawed to the homeowners’ particular specifications. Every custom detail can be configured online as you might with smaller consumer items but now on a house-sized scale. It allows for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge to be customised and constructed before being transported anywhere. With the addition of an exterior shell and utilities, the cube can then become a fully functioning home.

“Cubitat is about a more intelligent, holistic way to design and construct our living environments, taking cues from the prefab world and modern production methods,” said David Wex, co-founder of Urban Capital along with Mark Reeve.

“As a builder, we look at the automotive, consumer product and tech industries and ask why we can’t operate with that much rapidity and flexibility. Cubitat is our chance to do just that. This is architecture fast not slow, configurable and transformable, not static.”

Urban Capital sees Cubitat as a mobile object – the idea is to hoist and slide the module into a development mid-construction. Reeve added: “It is architecture on a whole new level, as product. We’re re-thinking the built world with the most adaptable home imagined and we were inspired to think through every design detail to ensure maximum usability.”

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