kb-network    News 19 Apr 2016

Designer Karim Rashid redefines minimalism in new design with Rational at Eurocucina

Designer Karim Rashid redefined ‘minimalism‘ in his project with Rational at Eurocucina to jointly produce a new kitchen design concept – floo.

It brings together Karim Rashid’s strong design and creativity plus Rational’s keen eye on practical yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen solutions. And for once the designer’s signature use of bright colours is absent – at least at first glance. This is a kitchen with an exterior so white that users will probably reach for their Ray-Bans rather than their saucepans.

This is a kitchen concept, a ‘final’ prototype, based on which Rational will develop the retail product in the coming months for a world sales start in October 2016. It features a continuous radius detail that also functions as a handle. It is very gentle to touch and reminds one of an inviting hand gesture, acting as a friendly, human and engaging gesture.

The round shapes are supported by strong, mono-block storage elements with a clean and seamless look, seemingly continuing from counter to floor, creating a pure geometry to keep the kitchen in order and precise.

However what turns rational thinking on its head is the colour scheme. While the colour scheme from the outside is a shimmering white, the interiors can be done in strong contrast colours, such as a cool dark purple and a warm zinc yellow for example. Whether this is actually a combination of ‘true innovation with ingenious creativity’ as Rational claims is a matter of opinion.

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(One of five reviews by the Pro Publishing team of products seen at Eurocucina 2016. Rational’s floo kitchen by Karim Rashid was selected by commercial manager Toby Watham.)