Designer    News 27 Feb 2013

Designer Interview: Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba talk about their new collection


Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have a distinguished track record for kitchen and bathroom products that exude that sense of style that we often stereotypically associate with Italy.

Whilst they have been more prolific in terms of bathroom products, their pedigree in kitchen design is equally impressive.

This creation for Elmar for example, is the latest product of a long-standing relationship they have had with the Italian kitchen manufacturer since 2007.

They have designed the Slim, Playground, Radical and EL_01 ranges for the brand, but with Isola Cross, the focus this time was more on the open-plan approach that has become so widely accepted… and indeed expected.

“Our primary intent was to create an innovative island system,” they explain, “defined by a trestle-shaped base more usually found under a bench to emphasise the idea of the chef as a kind of artisan.”


“For us, the kitchen remains a room to work in. Isola Cross is the core of a new way of living, made of fluid spaces without any boundaries.”

Custom-made, the Isola Cross has a steel worksurface which is available in various sizes, complete with an integrated hob and sink. It has been designed to be compatible with many other household appliances so the user can make their own choice at time of purchase.

It is perfectly in line with the Palomba’s ethos of creating products that fit seamlessly into their user’s lifestyle. “Our goal is to achieve the desires of the people. Our projects are based on the analysis of behavioural changes. We design products to be shared with those who choose them.

“Today, kitchens are almost tailor-made to the customers’ tastes. We wanted to bring elegance and sophistication to the kitchen.”

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