kb-network    News 15 May 2017

David Osborne, Roman Showers MD, celebrates the North-East on The Sunday Politics Show

David Osborne, MD of Roman Showers, has featured on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show in celebration of the company’s success in the North-East of England.

Filmed as part of a segment looking into the top companies within the Sedgefield constituency, the programme explored a variety of companies, including Hitachi and Roman Showers.

Commenting on the area’s recent manufacturing boom, David Osborne stated “It’s been a good couple of years for Newton Aycliffe – very busy and very full.

“The inward investment with Hitachi has really made a bit of a difference to the area. I think you’ve seen a few things smartened up round the estate. It’s full, it’s busy and it’s good to see!”

The television coverage went on to highlight how Roman has enabled Newton Aycliffe’s unemployment rate to stay low and its wages to remain high compared to North-East England’s average – proving, yet again, how Roman is establishing itself as a great community-centred brand.

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