kb-network    News 24 Feb 2017

Daval reveals how 2016 ended with an unprecedented level of consumer enquires and solutions

Leaders in the design and manufacture of quality British fitted furniture, Daval, explain what made their 2016 so successful.

With new European design trends increasingly hitting the UK high street, Daval says the British furniture market has started to compete and subsequently innovate new modern interior furniture solutions.

Furniture has become more creative, not just within the dining room, but throughout the entire home. Therefore British manufacturers have had to start creating more varied portfolios. As Simon Bodsworth, managing director of Daval, highlights “Another indication that international influences continue to drive the marketplace forward is by providing direct competition to the UK in terms of design and manufacture”.

When then discussing the company’s increase in revenue for 2016, Simon stated “I believe our GDP has stemmed from Daval’s exclusive concept design and manufacturing techniques which have enabled us, as a British furniture brand, to achieve a high level of market acceptance that is rivalling market competition.”

Looking to the rest of 2017, Daval has stated it intends to continue to define British furniture in terms of design, materials and technological investment.


Daval / daval-furniture.co.uk