D-List    News 23 Mar 2018

The d-list nominees are being verified! Stay tuned to find out who will receive our verified tick

Established in 2015, the d-list from the publishers of leading monthly design magazine, Designer Kitchen & Bathroom, are now verifying the official 2018 list ready for publication in April 2018.

In this year’s d-list, we shine the light on designers whose work sets them apart from the rest. New for 2018, we have introduced the verified mark. This blue tick is awarded to a kitchen or bathroom designer as visible recognition for their impeccable design talent. The verified mark is granted only to the select group of designers chosen for inclusion within the d-list. This scheme allows nominees to proudly display the verified blue tick, showing their inclusion on the official d-list.

The official 2018 d-list will be announced on 4th April 2018.

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