kb-network    News 27 Nov 2017

More customers are replacing their kitchen appliances for newer, energy-efficient models say Gorenje

Either to save money on running costs or to boost their green credentials, people are becoming increasingly aware of how impactful highly-rated appliances are.

Refrigerators with the A+++ energy efficiency rating use 60 percent less power than those in the A class; a significant factor that more and more consumers are becoming aware of. The latest MDA paper by Mintel has concluded that consumers are willing to pay more for smart appliances that offer cost savings.

Richard Mackey, product manager at Gorenje UK, said, “Here at Gorenje, we’ve had a noted increase in our customers asking about energy efficiency and prioritising this when it comes to the appliances they’re stocking. As people become more aware of their own eco credentials and how this, in turn, can affect their own running costs at home, the nation as a whole is taking a move towards appliances in the higher rated categories. As a manufacturer, we’ve always prioritised energy efficiency and it’ll certainly be at the top of the agenda for production in 2018.”

Gorenje | gorenje.co.uk