kb-network    News 16 Mar 2018

Cosentino Group reports record sales success and big plans for ongoing internal growth

Surface manufacturing group, Cosentino, has reported a number of record-breaking sales successes in its recent 2017 fiscal report, including a consolidated revenue of €901 million, corresponding to a 10% increase on its 2016 sales.

The brand’s EBITDA results, which reached an impressive €128 million, also presented an increase in profitability in comparison to its 2016 figures. This reported increase in profitability was proportionally greater than the company’s revenue growth – allegedly due to the absorption of fixed costs, which, in turn, led to the increase in sales figures.

Cosentino Group’s current success has also helped the company in carrying out 52% of its projected Investment Plan for 2016-2019, already. Primarily focussing on the opening of a second Dekton manufacturing facility, the investment will help the company increase manufacturing and sales numbers even further; while automated logistics facilities were also marked as key investments for the group, alongside the automation of existing factories.

While turning over impressive financial results, the Cosentino Group is still committed to its focus on internalisation and geographical expansion worldwide. A series of seven new Cosentino centres were opened in 2017, in several countries, including the USA, Canada, Israel, Singapore, South Africa, Poland and the UAE; while, simultaneously, two Cosentino Cities – centrally-located showrooms – opened their doors. Over the next three years the company plans to continue its ambitious growth, with targets to open 30 further business units. Thanks to these new facilities, 340 new jobs were created, totalling the group’s number of employee to 4,000 people, worldwide.

Strategic plans have also been put in place to cover the period of 2018-2020, in order to ‘speed up the pace of investment, doubling down on the company’s commitment to digitalisation and new technologies’. While the final stage of the brand’s investment plan will focus on innovation and product development as well as automating production processes.

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