Designer    News 01 Jun 2017

Corian made an impact at Clerkenwell Design Week with awesome Aldworth James & Bond installation

Aldworth James & Bond were commissioned to create an instillation to sit under the iconic St. John’s Gate arch during Clerkenwell Design Week. Solid surface material Corian was selected for the job, due to its versatility, strength and multitude of available colour options.

For the design itself Aldworth James & Bond drew inspiration from the gateway location – which was built in 1504 as the southern entrance of the Priory of the Knights of St. John and was restored in the 19th Century – alongside the octagons featured on the cross of St. John, and Anthony Powell’s description of visiting the Clerkenwell’s Charterhouse, “I went under an arch… it was like moving into the Fourth Dimension, several centuries back in Time, everything round but completely still, like a dream.” (Anthony Powell, Journals 1982-86)

Using CNC technology, and taking cues from four dimensional tesseract forms, Aldworth James & Bond created the Order sculpture which celebrates the beauty of geometric shapes, the historically rich location and the practical and beautiful properties of Corian.

Tim Hall, Creative Director of Aldworth James & Bond explains, “Order will push the boundaries of component based digital fabrication by forming 145 700mm octagons from Corian® that connect together in nine sections, forming a unique multidimensional structure. It will measure almost three metres in height, and over five metres in length. The material’s strength will be integral to ‘Order’, and will truly showcase the versatility and benefits of using Corian® as a structural and exterior element.”


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