Designer    News 20 Apr 2017

Conran + Partners discuss the recent collaboration with Victoria + Albert Baths

Eldon, the beautifully designed wall-fitted bath, is crafted from Victoria + Albert’s solid surface Quarrycast material. The bath is the product of the collaboration between luxury British bathing brand, Victoria + Albert and leading British architecture and interior design studio, Conran + Partners.

The primary intention for the eventual form of the bath was to be kept simple, contemporary and feature a crisp edge wrapped around the bath that would back on to the wall. By surrounding the circumference of the bath, the edge simultaneously would create a natural shelf, where brassware can be deck-mounted and toiletries can be stored.

“In designing Eldon we set out to address the pragmatic challenges of creating a contemporary bathroom space, while envisaging an atmosphere of indulgence normally associated with freestanding baths.

All too often, in many urban projects, we find that we simply don’t have the luxury of space required to accommodate a freestanding bath, but we still want to create a space with that unique feeling of indulgence. We also wanted to avoid the potential installation issues that arise under the time pressures that many modern construction projects must deal with.

With Eldon, we set out to create a wall mounted tub that still had the aesthetic of a freestanding tub, but could easily fit into the more compact spaces common in modern cities. We kept the overall form intentionally very simple, wrapping a crisp edge around the tub and back to the wall, creating a natural shelf, where hardware could be deck-mounted for that classic look without the costs associated with floor mounted taps or the installation restrictions of a wall mounted filler. We also created a space underneath the tub, without resorting to using a plinth, that allows for the tub to be retrofitted without disturbing existing flooring,” said Tim Rundle, Design Director and Industrial Designer at Conran + Partners.

Simon Kincaid, Director at Conran + Partners continued “the technicalities and operational requirements of specifying a freestanding bath can make it difficult to implement. A wall mounted bath with the illusion of a freestanding bath is a very intelligent and versatile design solution which we feel will be a successful product in hotels and residences alike.”


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