kb-network    News 19 Jun 2017

Component specialist, Blum, raises €100,530 for its chosen charity ‘Light for the World’!

Blum, the component specialist, has raised over €100,000 through its unique fundraising visitors’ book! 

For over 30 years, guests at the ‘interzum’ trade fair in Cologne have been signing the vistors’ book at the Blum stand in support of the brand’s charity drive. 

This year, the company’s beneficiary organisation was once again ‘Light for the World’, a charity specialising in restoring the sight of children and the elderly in third world countries. Commenting on their work, Light for the Word stated “We facilitate cataract operations, set up hospitals and support the training of eye specialists and opticians. Our goal is to conquer trachoma by 2020.” 

Managing director for Blum, Gerhard E. Blum, further stated “We donate €30 for every signature – that’s the price for an eye operation. With our donation, we are able to help children and older people, the most vulnerable members of society.” 

The charity added “In recent years, ‘Light for the World’ performed more than 50,000 cataract operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-Eastern Europe, thus restoring their eyesight to people who would otherwise have been blind for life. This achievement is also due to all the visitors to the Blum trade fair stand who once again went home without a giveaway!”

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