Designer    News 27 Feb 2013

Charlie Smallbone promises a fusion of quality and luxury in its highly unusual designs

A new furniture range from Charlie Smallbone promises a fusion of quality and luxury in its highly unusual designs.

Rock & Bone is the new kitchen and furniture brand from Charlie Smallbone, founder of Smallbone of Devizes and Damian Lawrance, founder and owner of the La Rock specialist joinery workshop in Knaresborough, Yorkshire. Smallbone’s design vision, originating from 30 years in the kitchen and furniture industry, fused with the workmanship of Lawrance’s artisan craftsmen, has resulted in a range of new furniture designs that certainly grab the attention.

Rock & Bone launched its new signature collection on a stand at Maison et Objet in Paris recently. The stand, co-hosted by kitchen appliance brand Sub-Zero & Wolf, featured six original pieces of furniture and Rock & Bone’s newly designed Lateral kitchen collection. Each piece has been handmade in Rock & Bone’s Nidd Valley workshop in Yorkshire.

Smallbone says that the boutique collection does away with the idea of boxy kitchen cabinets in favour of specially designed and built pieces, finished in unique finishes, including metallised lacquers. Fully bespoke, customers can choose from a wide range of customisable options, including metallised finishes, 1950’s-inspired ‘car’ colours and bespoke handles.

Charlie Smallbone on the creation of the new Rock & Bone brand:

“The new designs had to be totally original, as original as I could conceive them in a kitchen lifestyle context. I wanted to work with curves and I wanted to define and create pieces with absolute functionality and beauty. Once I had defined my new system, I wanted to focus on defining each piece as well as I could. This has led me to study larger elements such as kitchen islands within the context of pieces, though these are of course more complex than sideboards and tables. I wanted to consider the multifunctional elements of islands and to try to translate my conclusions to achieve a completeness within my designs – to bring as much aesthetic order to each piece as I could, as well as making sure they do what they are originated to do.”

Form and Function: “To me the devil is in the detail. My background has taught me to try to define what I am setting out to achieve as completely as I can, so once I am happy that I know what it is I am working to create, then I apply these parameters that I have defined to my sketching process, and continue via the creation of 3D CAD models until I am happy that what I am looking at doesn’t just look attractive, but also that I have assimilated the space in a way that will execute the requisite functions.”

Future Thinking: “Rock and Bone is specifically about originality of design and the beauty of the creation of complex forms. Each of our pieces are made within a workshop environment, as this is where we attain accuracy of execution. So we are very busy progressing new pieces and concepts. We are adamant that Rock and Bone has to stand apart from other companies through the originality and complexity of our designs, our artisan craftsman method, the beauty and uniqueness of our finishes, and the fact that all our designs are tailor-made for each project. We’re less interested in defining our efforts as the creation of new ranges.”

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