kb-network    News 15 Jul 2016

Carron Phoenix’s Dante Tri-Pure filter tap proves affordable for price conscious consumers

Carron Phoenix’s popular Dante tap range includes the Tri-Pure filter tap, combining fashion and functionality to provide an affordable option that meets the growing consumer demand for filter taps. The tap has an RRP inc VAT of £438 in chrome, or £472 in brushed nickel.

The Dante Tri-Pure features technologically advanced water filtration which boasts a separate pipe and lever, dispensing filtered water without the risk of cross contamination from the hot and cold water pipes.

Its unique double filtration system of charcoal and ceramic, specially impregnated with grains of silver for its anti-bacterial properties, leaves in all the minerals that are naturally beneficial while removing unwanted chlorine, cryptosporidium and other harmful bacteria and particles.

“Consumers are really switching on to the money saving and environmental benefits of filtered over bottled water now,” said Jeanette Ward, communications manager at Carron Phoenix. “Filtration taps are no longer a niche product and the Dante Tri-Pure offers wider design appeal. It can sit happily in a range of kitchens and at a great price point too.”