kb-network    News 27 Mar 2018

Caple receives Which? Best Buy accolade for its innovative Di481 slim-line dishwasher

Appliance specialist Caple has been awarded an official Which? Best Buy title for its Di481 dishwasher. Tested last year, the slim-line appliance was commended for ‘brilliant cleaning, excellent drying – even plastics are dried well, doesn’t leave watermarks, the eco programme is energy and water efficient’.

The A++ energy-rated dishwasher is fully integrated and fits perfectly into a petite 45cm kitchen unit. And, while small in stature, the Di481 exceeds expectations in performance, with nine place settings and five featured programmes – normal, intensive, eco which uses as little as 9 litres, express and rapid. Eco, admittedly, does take slightly longer – 30 minutes – than the standard setting, but repays users’ patience by cutting the electricity consumption by 28% and saving them three litres of water with each use.

Additionally, the three-in-one tablet setting will ensure the dishwasher achieves the best performance from tablets consisting of salt, rinse aid and detergent. While the handy delay timer can be used to schedule washes up to nine hours in advance.

Caple’s Product Manager, Luke Shipway, commented on the news: “Receiving such high scores in the testing areas and being awarded a Which? Best Buy demonstrates that our Di481 dishwasher is a must-have for those who are looking for an appliance that performs brilliantly while helping you reduce your water and electricity usage.”

Caple | caple.co.uk