kb-network    News 18 Apr 2016

Candy launches WTC – Watching, Touching, Cooking that transforms oven doors into touch screens

Candy takes touch control to a new level with WTC – Watching, Touching, Cooking. that turns an oven door equipped with the Door Total Control System, into a command panel.

A full touch 19” screen with a user-friendly interface allows its user to control, command and supervise the state of the cooking at every step. An integrated camera, combined with patented U-see illumination, made up of lateral led lights positioned in the inner door of the oven, provides an optimal view of the interior of the cavity, aside from a close-up of the dishes being cooked to ensure constant monitoring and results that are worthy of a real chef.

And, thanks to the pre-loaded video-recipes that can be viewed on the door of the oven – these genuine “live teaching” tutorials allow users to follow each phase in the preparation of their menus ensuring the best results.

The Fi connectivity technology used on this oven has been adopted on an entire range of products that enables all of the electrical appliances to be managed comfortably with a single app based on the Remote Total Cooking Control technology

“This product represents a breaking point with the past and a genuine paradigm shift. We are convinced that the market is ready for this revolution of technology and connectivity applied to electrical appliances,” said Giorgio Lasagni, kitchen appliances business sector director of the Candy Group. “Candy has always represented a success story and a proud benchmark for Italian industry. Over the years it has stood out for having introduced devices that have been truly revolutionary.

“In this case both the product and applied technologies were entirely developed in Italy confirming the close link with our country”.