Designer    News 30 Jan 2018

Callahead’s new fully portable bathroom redefines the boundaries of bathroom design!

The Waterfall Shower Head, designed by Charles Howard and manufactured by Callahead, is a portable bathroom which looks and operates just like one at home. The only one of its kind in the industry, and built to operate in below zero temperatures, the design is perfect for construction zones, house renovations or remote locations that require bathroom facilities. The Waterfall Shower Head boasts technology which does not require any water hook up to operate, while the shower, toilet and sink, all run on completely separate systems. Each system has its own fresh water and waste water holding tanks, and the independently working pumps ensure that no water contamination occurs.

The design is available in various colours including blue, white, green, grey and orange, ensuring the product will fit into any location, while the interior boasts a home-like feel. The inside of the facility has faux granite walls and Armstrong faux mosaic floors – which mimic a usual home bathroom floor but are still easy maintained. The full vanity sink area hosts a statutory marble counter and a stylish porcelain sink. The in-built shower facility uses a 15-minute maximum timer to conserve water use, while the room’s exhaust fan helps control humidity efficiently.

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