kb-network    News 15 Mar 2018

Caesarstone met “a substantial number of new partners” at KBB, says MD Amir Reske

“As well as meeting numerous existing contacts, the team sat with a substantial number of new partners, all of whom were looking to grow their business with Caesarstone UK,” commented Amir Reske, Caesarstone UK Managing Director, reflecting on their KBB experience. “KBB 18 was a highly successful show in every sense.”

The stand itself attracted new partners with such details as the plush carpet welcoming weary feet, and the indulgent Tom Dixon furniture that played homage to past brand collaborations. The company also excited potential partners with a private viewing of its brand-new colour range, launching in May.

Commenting on the new range, Jon Stanley, VP Marketing for Caesarstone UK says, “Design innovations sit at the heart of the Caesarstone brand and that is clearly visible in our products as well as our environments. Rapidly growing interest in our product range adds credence to the widely held view that we have the best colours on the market and our new colour launch in spring will serve to reinforce this position.”

Such is the verdict from the brand, which only 15 months ago launched its direct distribution business in the UK, having ended its first year by meeting all growth KPIs and with several industry awards under its belt.

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