Designer    News 15 May 2017

Caesarstone joins star-studded line-up for collaborative futuristic home, led by Unruly

Project leaders and tech giants Unruly bring together a line-up of over 25 industry leading names, including Caesarstone, Amazon Launchpad, Tesco and eBay, for a collaborative project to create a design which represents the future of consumer kitchens.

The ‘Home’ project, which is currently situated in Unruly’s London HQ, portrays the height of technological innovation and will leave consumers in awe; desiring these ultra-cool yet incredibly lazy inventions! The kitchen itself can order food for the homeowner, alongside instructing them on exactly what to cook and eat dependant on what they have left in the fridge. And forget the loneliness of an empty house – the hallway says “hello”, makes the homeowner a coffee and plays songs that perfectly match their mood. Then for the evenings, the bedroom can track the user’s sleep patterns, while helping them chose their outfit for the next morning. The home’s astronomical functions present possibilities that could be commonplace in as little as three years time.

Caesarstone played an integral part of this connected home project. The kitchen stems from the creative minds of artisan furniture designers Six Hands; it features a Caesarstone quartz worktop, in 4001 Fresh Concrete colouration. The incredibly worktop of the central island appears artistic rather than overly heavy; allowing it to work as a focal point for the space. Caesarstone’s smooth, natural appearance allows for a sympathetic natural touch to the space, ensuring its aesthetic is akin to a ‘normal’ home with warm, colourful touches and a homely appeal. This cleverly hides the incredible integrated technology of the space to give design an equal balance between functionality and form – a tasteful and practical decision.

“The kitchen is likely to remain at the heart of most homes for years to come, a space where families and friends gather to eat, drink and socialise,” said Jon Stanley, VP of Marketing for Caesarstone UK. “The role of products and technology within this space – as well as throughout the entire home environment – will continue to evolve. ‘Home’ will help brands to increase the harmony of our material and technology interactions in what is our most personal environment. Caesarstone UK is delighted to be involved alongside other leading brands in such an innovative and thought provoking project.”

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