kb-network    News 27 Feb 2017

Built-in appliance specialist AEG launch the Mastery Range, a new family of design focused appliances

Built-in appliance specialists AEG has launched a new family of appliances, the Mastery Range, which is intended to increase its market share of sales from kitchen showrooms by focussing on design and end results rather than technical details.

The new collection from AEG is very sophisticated but the marketing plan is to emphasise the end results to consumers rather than the technical details of how these are achieved. So expect to see a lot of coverage about how AEG’s washing machines will keep your little black dress black, rather than dwell on the unique filtering system that removes many of the impurities from water that can cause the little black number to lose its colour.

AEG is a full range manufacturer and its new cooking collection has ‘borrowed’ some commercial expertise (its parent brand Electrolux is fitted in the kitchens of more Michelin Star restaurants than any other marque), and adapted it for the domestic market. Cue images of mouth-watering images of perfectly cooked lamb and information about how to dial in the best setting to get a perfectly cooked steak. And ‘dial’ is the operative word, as the ovens in the Mastery Range are fitted with a central ‘command wheel’ that is used like a dial to set all of the oven’s functions, while a food sensor takes the steak from rare to well done.

There is innovation a-plenty in the new range, and other hero products include: an induction hob with an extractor unit fitted into its surface; cooker hoods that ‘talk’ to the hob and adjust automatically to pot position and the amount of extraction needed; a dishwasher with a bottom basket that lifts up for easier loading and unloading; tumble dryers that will dry a wool sweater without it shrinking, and a cunning sliding shelf system for refrigerators that allows individual owners to configure door storage to suit themselves.

But as good as this new range is – and it is a very good range – showroom space will be essential for sales. And as it is pitching itself at space currently occupied by the BSH Group and Miele, it is going to have a tough fight on its hands. But general manager Peter Spencer (seen here), is confident that this new collection will enable AEG to expand its showroom space which will lead to an increase in sales.

“In a situation where we are looking to replace a brand we look at the complete package we have to offer, not just product,” Peter Spencer told kb-network. “We have been working closely with our Premium Partners for 18 months or so, confirming what they want, what they like about our offer and how they would like to see it improve. 180 of them have already bought into the new collection.

“So the package we can offer new Partners that will bring value to their business includes; looking at display terms, our service and warranty offers, the training we offer and a customer care package that looks after our customers and the people buying from them.

“We want to double the AEG sales by 2020, but we don’t expect to just be placed in a showroom, we know we have to earn that place.”


AEG / aeg.co.uk