kb-network    News 05 Jul 2016

Building Information Modelling objects are now available from Impey due to high BIM file demand

The first collection of Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects is now available from Impey, amidst what it says was a flurry of specifier requests for its BIM files.

According to Impey, the requests mirror the rising trend for wetroom specification in the commercial and care/retirement sectors, in addition to escalating interest in residential wetrooms from housebuilders, developers and bathroom designers.

Described by HM Government in the publication ‘Industrial Strategy: Government and Industry in Partnership’: “Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working, underpinned by the digital technologies which unlock more efficient methods of designing, creating and maintaining our assets. BIM embeds key product and asset data and a three dimensional computer model that can be used for effective management of information throughout a project lifecycle – from earliest concept through to operation.”

Embracing BIM and the digital approach to construction, Impey was keen to meet the initial BIM level 2 compliance mandate set by the Government in 2011. Impey’s product portfolio includes the patented Aqua-Dec EasyFit, wetroom floor former which it says has revolutionised wetroom design and installation.

Owing to its unique rotating drain plate, the Aqua-Dec EasyFit is the only wetroom floor former to allow for the avoidance of underfloor obstructions like existing pipework or joists, without expensive and time-consuming adjustments. It is also now, along with two other Impey floor formers, one of the first wetroom floor formers to be available as a downloadable BIM Object from the BIM portal: www.bimstore.co.uk.

Liam Ryan, sales director for Coram Group UK said: “As the UK’s foremost wetroom manufacturer, embracing BIM was very important to us. Via BIM we can share accurate product data with architects, designers and specifiers. This product data, which can be located quickly and easily, can then be used within a Common Data Environment as part of any type of BIM construction project.

“For some time we have been receiving requests for BIM files from architects, specifiers and bathroom designers and it was important to be able to supply that information in the best format possible. Now that our initial release of BIM objects is available, we intend to add to it with further 3D models from both our Impey and Coram product suites. ”

Three of Impey’s best-selling wetroom floor formers; Aqua-Dec Easy Fit, Aqua-Dec Linear 2 and Aqua-Dec Linear 4 are downloadable as BIM objects in the Revit file format. This means that the selected wetroom products are available as detailed digital 3d models, demonstrating exact form and functionality, for use in project planning and design.

Impey says it chose the BIM portal, www.bimstore.co.uk to collaborate with on its initial BIM object releases. Gillian Smith, partnership manager at www.bimstore.co.uk said: “We are incredibly pleased to have Impey BIM objects available exclusively on bimstore.co.uk. The recognisable growth in wetroom installation means that floor formers are going to be an important and key component of many construction projects in the public and privates sectors.

“We are delighted that we can now offer Impey’s floor formers as compatible BIM objects to our many users.”

Image shows: Impey AquaDec EasyFit floor former in situ