kb-network    News 04 Jul 2017

Blum wins Austria’s Global Player Award for its outstanding performance in exports!

Blum has been awarded the prestigious ‘Global Player Award’ after it was seen to export 97% of its manufactured products.

With a customer base that spans over 120 markets around the globe, Blum was awarded the  accolade by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce on 26 June 2017, in recognition of its increasing international presence – proving that high-quality never goes out of fashion!

The winner of the Global Player Award has to be able to exhibit an efficient international network and also be regarded as a pioneer within a specific country or industry. Candidates are initially nominated by Austria’s Foreign Trade Office jury, which features prominent business members and is chaired by the president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Christoph Leitl.

Commenting on the brand’s exporting history, managing director Gerhard E. Blum explained “We’ve been building our presence in markets all over the world for more than five decades, so internationalisation is firmly rooted throughout our company.”

Speaking at the ceremony, he went on to state the company’s key to success in global markets was its ability to be open to different mentalities and to therefore also acknowledge and respect different cultures.

However, Gerhard then elaborated to say the second strategic pillar to success was innovative products combined with high investments in R&D (research and development) and the capacity to adapt products to specific national requirements.


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