kb-network    News 30 May 2017

Blum UK embarks upon its new apprenticeship scheme, employing three new candidates!

Interior fittings specialist, Blum UK, has appointed three new apprentices within the company in the aim of delivering a “forward-thinking apprenticeship scheme.”

Said to be “pioneering the way for tomorrow’s engineers”, Blum has recently taken on three business apprentices: Billie Watts, Sam Daniels, and Nicola Cox.

All three candidates will undertake a two-year course, which includes a six-month rotation schedule between Technical, Sales Administration & Order Processing, and the Accounts Department,

Commenting on her recent appointment, Nicola Cox, stated “I am very eager to learn and understand how each department operates. Blum is forever growing and I am keen to see what exciting new doors may open over the coming years.”

Sam Daniels added, “This is a chance to work with a recognised, established company who are going to give me the chance to experience many different roles within a business, helping me discover what I am best at.”

Billie Watts also stated “I was attracted to a company who obviously value training. After doing my research about Blum, I was impressed with the company’s reputation, culture and values, and I jumped at the opportunity to become a part of it.”

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